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Check your Kibtek allowance,  see what size system you are allowed to install

Solar Energy Solutions

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"Quality is key when choosing your solar energy system"

NEMO® 2.0 60 M



The NeMo® 2.0 60 M combines technical features such as long-lasting and stable module construction as well as reliable performance with elegant aesthetics.
The Mono modules are available in the performance classes 320–330 Wp while thereby achieving effectiveness of up to 19.4 %.

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Intelligent solar power generation

Higher yields for private homes

The Sunny Tripower 3.0–6.0 makes PV systems in private households especially powerful. It combines top inverter performance with maximum ease and comfort for its users. With integrated services and shade solutions, it can meet any challenge found on roofs. The Sunny Tripower reliably ensures maximum solar yields and reduces electricity costs.

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Kibtek will grant you permission based on your average usage, if you send us your electric meter number we can find out your allowance.

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