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Things to do in
North Cyprus

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

North Cyprus has plenty to offer for an action packed holiday or a relaxed laid back trip.  Full of historical sites to explore and hidden gems of art and rare collections.  These are our collection of the must see's while vacationing in North Cyprus.

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Our picks of the top things to do in Northern Cyprus

Near East Museum of Modern Art

Near East Modern Art Museum


Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts , considering the contemporary aesthetic and understandings of art , is a foundation located on the campus of Near East University which undertakes an important role in selection, collection, conservation and exhibition of artworks of our country and of the international platform.

Cyprus Car Museum


In The Cyprus Car Museum you will find more than 100 cars from all around the world, reflecting different cultures and the time they were produced with distinguishing marks.

The series of cars reflecting evolution of the foremost car brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Cadillac, Ford, which are the giants of the automobile world since the production of the first automobile in 1886 to the present day.

Special production cars, some being legendary and the only examples in the world and each having different stories in different countries of the world, are ready to meet you.

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Kyrenia Castle

Kyrenia Castle


Kyrenia Castle at the east end of the old harbour in Kyrenia is a 16th-century castle built by the Venetians over a previous Crusader fortification. Within its walls lies a twelfth-century chapel showing reused late Roman capitals, and the Shipwreck Museum.

Bellapais Abbey


Sitting on a natural terrace in the leafy Five Finger Mountains that rise south of Kyrenia is the beautiful village of Bellapais and its magnificent abbey.

The village is serenity itself, a step back to a time when the hustle and bustle of modern times would have been anathema to those lucky enough to live amongst its quiet lanes and whitewashed houses. Indeed, the name Bellapais comes from the French ‘belle paix’, which translates as ‘beautiful peace’.

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