We thought having a property manager was for property investor types and that it would be a waste of money for us but the service fee was so low we thought why not.  The service was packed that full of benefits that we reckon it paid for itself in the first month!



Full Package

Benefit rich property management, this is our most popular package.


Key Holding

Leave a key with us, stored safely in our key safe.



Here when you need us! 

We can provide a property check whenever you like.



We understand individual needs are different.  Just tell us what you need.

North Cyprus Property Management

North Cyprus Pool Maintenance

North Cyprus Property Renovations

Benefit Rich


Full Package

Per month


Our FULL Package is a no brainer, at £420 per year

(just £35 per month) and includes all of the following:


Key holding and 3rd party access

Your keys will be stored in our office key safe and can be collected by yourselves or a third party with prior written agreement.

(See the list)

Weekly property airing and inspections as per our 16 point checklist

Our comprehensive checklist ensures your property is properly checked but if there are some extras specific to your property they we can add those too.

Property checks prior to arrival

Let us know when you are coming and if necessary we will perform another check to make sure there are no last minute hiccups, if you are arriving late we can leave a light on and a selection of windows open so you don't get that stuffy welcome.

Client account facility

For If you need to make some local payments or want to keep your account in credit and to help avoid costly transfer fees.

Payment or control of utility bills (checking S.O's are paid or paying on your behalf)

We can pay all the bills for you or control standing orders are up-to-date to avoid disconnection.

Payment of yearly property taxes

We make sure you are up to date with your yearly property tax.

Yearly pest control

Most local authorities provide a free annual pest control, we make sure you get yours.

Commission free repairs

As we are also a repair and renovation company so are well equipped to take care of any incidentals without you having to pay any commission on top as you normally would if an agent or neighbour managed your property.

Keeping insurances etc up-to-date

Let us have all your dates and policy companies and we'll do the rest.

Discounted house insurance with Dagli Sigorta

We have secured special discounts with companies that understand a managed property is a lower risk one.

If you have a car here, ensuring TAX, MOT and Insurance is up-to-date

We'll even start the engine once a week if you like to keep the battery and engine healthy.

Not to mention our Concierge service (fees may apply)

Arranging pre-visit cleaning

End of stay laundry

Pre-visit preparations

Booking airport transfers

Organising car hire

Baby equipment hire

Basically, anything you need we will try to arrange it!




Key Holding

CDS Key holding can offer a safe place to keep a spare key and we can provide 3rd party access with signed for record keeping upon request.


Per month

Prior written requests for 3rd party access must be sent from your registered email address.  Collection must be with set appointment within office working hours and the recipient must bring proof of identity, leave a contact number and sign for the keys.

Sign up in our office. 0548 8444 999




Per booking


We can provide a basic perimeter check whenever you need it, just use the request form below.

(If we provide key holding we can also perform an internal check)



Have it your way

Gear Wheels

We understand all customers and properties are different, thats why we decided to let you have it your way.  Tell us what you want included and we will tailer a package just for you.  Use the form below to get started.