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Pool Maintenance

Trained and qualified personnel, really make all the difference.

Our pools are not just clean but healthy too and whats more, a properly maintained pool has a much longer life.

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Whats included

Pool Maintenance

CDS are a legally registered TRNC company with over 15 years experience in North Cyprus with both pool maintenance and repairs, all our pool maintenance operatives are fully trained and are certified pool and spa operators with a National Swimming Pool Foundation® certification.  The National Swimming Pool Foundation  CPO® Certification provides us with the knowledge, techniques, and skills of pool and spa operations. This training has helped protect millions of swimmers by reducing hazards at aquatic facilities. CPO® Certification is the world's leading verifiable pool and spa training credential.


Essentially this means that we control the level of chemicals within your pool water in accordance with The World Health Organisation's (WHO®) guidelines. Safer and cleaner water and less unnecessary wear on your pool structure and plant machinery.


All our staff are polite, respectful, knowledgable and trustworthy and they all speak English and Turkish.


Administratively speaking, CDS provides great customer service with regular updates from our office in Catalkoy.



Payment can be made by any of the following:


  • Quarterly in advance

  • Credit or Debit card at our office

  • Cash to our office, paid to your pool operative or over the counter at any branch of GARANTI Bank 

  • Local or International bank transfer to GARANTI Bank (details below) 


What you can expect from us:


  • All staff are NSPF® trained CPO’s (Certified Pool & Spa Operators)

  • We provide digital testing to keep chemical levels in accordance with the World Health Organisation® guidelines

  • Our contract is including all general maintenance chemicals and is for 2 visits a week May to October and 1 visit a week for the rest of the year with occasional adverse weather checks.

  • Our pricing is including local government tax and our staff are with the relevant work permits

  • Our company is highly trained to troubleshoot swimming pool problems and fix problematic pools

  • We use industry approved chemicals and dosing

  • Our staff are friendly, presentable, speak both English and Turkish and above all are trustworthy and reliable.

  • You will be kept up-to-date with a monthly statement of account.



What we ask from you:


  • Please keep your pool filled with water, alternatively we can organise water tankers when required at 25TL a tonne (MARCH 2022).  If you wish for us to arrange water top-ups please make sure your account is loaded with a float to cover water.

  • Please inform us if the pool is due to have or has had abnormal usage.  We understand that social events may see more swimmers than usual and will therefore require added chemical as chlorine will be used up with this increased usage.  This service is FREE of charge within reasonable maintenance terms.

  • Please inform us as soon as you notice any form of a suspected problem.  From strange noises in the pump room to air bubbles rising in the pool.

  • Incident reporting, let us know as soon as you can if there has been a contaminant in your pool water, this can be anything that would not normally be in the pool, drinks, food, spillages or fecal matter.

  • Pool pumps must be run enough to turn your pool water over 2 times in 24 hours, failure to do this will mean unnecessary vacuuming which in turn means unnecessary back-washing, vacuuming to waste, increased work for your filter and too much chemical.  Please let us know if you are aware of prolonged power cuts.


A note on winterisation:


During the winter months we allow our overflow pools to be low on water to give space for wet weather and to avoid unnecessary water usage, we do however require the level to be above the vacuum point to enable us to keep the pool clean.  This does mean that there can be debris on the pool surface in between visits from your pool professional.  We also can run this practice if your property is vacant for prolonged periods of time with no pool usage, in this instance please give us notice of your arrival if you wish to use the pool so that we can organise getting it topped back up.

Ask us about our newcomer deals

Prices are lower when combined with property management

Bring us pools and get paid - We offer a commission structure that doesn't effect the customer





8 x 4 Standard


£780 per year spread over 12 months

*For a standard average depth of 1.5m and subject to free pump room health check




10 x 5 standard


£900 per year spread over 12 months

*For a standard average depth of 1.5m and subject to free pump room health check




12 x 6 standard


£1020 per year spread over 12 months

*For a standard average depth of 1.5m and subject to free pump room health check


Safer & Healthier pools with a service designed especially for a communal pool

Prices are based on cubic litres and subject to site survey

Other shapes & sizes

We understand not all pools are the same so get in touch for tailored prices for different pools

Prices are based on cubic litres

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