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CDS and NCI Join forces to give you an extra special service

By now you will have had a fantastic service provided by our friends at NCI and under normal circumstances, the relationship ends there and your on your own!  Thats why North Cyprus International and CDS have joined forces to extend that experience and help you through the next steps. 

Included in your sale with NCI is 6 months FREE property management, designed to simplify your experience so you can get on with enjoying your new property.

Normal Price
£35 per month

The Details

Key holding and 3rd party access

With written request from yourselves we can grant access to 3rd parties, this can either be arranged for us to meet someone at the property to let them in or they can collect and sign for the keys from our office.

Weekly property airing and inspections 

One of our trained property guardians will visit your house every week.  They are trained to spot the signs of common problems and will carry out inspections as per our management checklist.

Pre property checks prior to arrival

We can provide an extra check if necessary to ensure everything is as you would expect to find it or to maybe leave a light or two on for a late arrival.

Client account facility

We can provide a banking facility for payments at no extra cost


Payment or control of utility bills 

We can pay all your bills or if you have standing orders, we can periodically check that the full amount is being paid.  Some standing orders will only pay a minimum amount which can lead to small amounts not being paid each month, when this totals 100TL, KibTek will disconnect your power supply. We make sure that doesn't happen.

Payment of yearly property taxes

We make sure your property TAX is paid up to date each year.

Yearly pest control

Most local authorities provide a basic pest control which is included in your rates, we make sure you get yours and allow access.

Commission free repairs

All services are in-house. For example, if you employed a property agent to manage your property and there was a leak, the agent would instruct a plumber to repair the problem and most of the time the cost of this will include a commission for them.  As our services are in-house, there is no commission to pay.

Keeping insurances etc up-to-date

Not only can we organise insurances for you and give access to insurance surveyors but we have negotiated discounts from some providers.  These providers agree that if your property is checked weekly by a professional then the risk of prolonged problems are more unlikely and therefore brings the cost of the premium down.  Also, some insurance policies stipulate in the T&C's that the property should not be regularly vacant for long periods of time.

Also we care for your car

If you have a car here, we ensure your  TAX, MOT and Insurance is up-to-date and while we provide your weekly check we can also run the engine regularly.


Holiday Management (this service is not available during your FREE period)

Included in your package are 7 nights holiday management after which we charge just £5 per night.

Extra services we can provide (Fees apply)

Arranging pre-visit cleaning
End of stay laundry
Pre-visit preparations
Booking airport transfers
Organising car hire

Government office assistance
Anything you need we will try to arrange it, we are your concierge!

Get the ball rolling....

Our office is in the same building as NCI

Nazim Bodi Plaza No.6

Besparmaklar Cad.


Tel: +90 548 8444 999


Whatsapp: +90 548 8444 999

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